slow fashion + eco-friendly + circular + social

ANIMI has 5 official collections. Each of them supports different social actions. All collections are part of the circular fashion program.


At ANIMI, all products have a sociocultural purpose.
Ecological materials, onlending to NGOs, circular fashion and social awareness.

Coleção VL

Collection for animal protection, the VL Collection (acronym of stray dogs), is the oldest collection of the brand and responsible for the origin of the brand ANIMI.

Coleção Arte VL

An evolution of the traditional VL Collection. The VL Art Collection combines plastic arts and support for animal protection, with originality and creativity.

Coleção Boudoir

In support of women's empowerment, the Boudoir Collection is inspired by the Boudoir Project for the work of NGOs for women's rights.

Coleção ECO

Ecological and sustainable line of products, the ECO Collection enriches the other ANIMI collections by adding socio-environmental responsibility.

Coleção Bicho do Peito

Collection totally customized by you, the Bosom Friend Collection embodies the love and affection that we all have for our animal friend.

The thrift store represents the ANIMI circular fashion program. This label is present in all our collections resold in the Thrift Store ANIMI.