Famous brand is discovered using slave labor

Everyone knows that the exploitation of labor has existed since the beginning of society. But unfortunately it lasts to this day, and the world of fashion is one of which more news appears accusing large companies and brands of using slave labor. Last week, December 19, 2017, it was discovered that the brand Animale, very prestigious in the state of São Paulo, and which sells clothing throughout the country, was discovered by prosecutors keeping Bolivians in a regime of total exploitation of labor.

Image: Daniele Leite

In the capital there are three official stores of the brand, outside other stores authorized to sell parts of the brand. However, inspectors found that these pieces were sewn in workshops in the city of São Paulo, where there were only ten Bolivian employees who worked from seven in the morning until ten at night. In addition, the workplace was the same as housing, there being no separation between environments, which is extremely detrimental to the quality of life of people. Outside the intense work day, Bolivians received only one meal a day. Taxes also analyzed how much each worker earned by producing a piece. It was estimated that to produce a piece that costs almost $ 700, employees receive $ 5.

Image: Rede Brasil

In all, three workshops were held in which workers were kept in these conditions. The administrators made contact with them via whatsapp, and the subordination was very clear according to surveys of the NGO Repórter Brasil, who had access to the conversations. This is not the only brand in Brazil to use this kind of work. Brands like Zara and even the international Nike contribute to this scenario that shames the country and the world more and more.

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