Natural dyeing gains space in the fashion market

More and more people are understanding the concept of sustainability, and taking it to the fashion universe. More people can already be seen buying used clothes from thrift stores, exchanging parts with other interested parties, and even producing parts from recyclable material. But, the turn of the time is the natural dyeing of the fabrics. Did you know that you can use flowers to dye your clothes? Yes it's true. Using organic products is a dyeing alternative to clothing, and also a way to reduce the impacts of the textile industry on the planet, and Maibe Maraccolo discovered this early.


Image: Modefica

She is a businesswoman who in the backyard of her own home, mixed shades and got twenty-two colors from natural products. And what products are these? Well, the most varied. Flowers, sawdust, leaves and even seeds. Change of Plans The businesswoman tells that she has a degree in Fashion Management. A few years ago, he decided to venture out of the country, taking courses to update his curriculum. It was in London that she had the opportunity to take a course on the impacts of artificial paints on the environment, and decided to put her chips on it.

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Maibe studied and developed her technique in Brazil, and started her own business in 2013. In order to get everything she needed, she needed to invest about thirty thousand reais. So, he specialized and now offers courses throughout the country, to teach people everything he knows about natural dyeing.

Image: Pensando ao contrário

Do It Yourself However, people interested in learning this technique and who can not afford the course can test their knowledge at home. You can even use vegetable scraps to dye the pieces, and the video sites are full of DIY (Do it Yourself) teaching people how to do. So if you're interested, do not waste your time and start dyeing your pieces!

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