Our story

ANIMI completes 10 years of history in a journey full of challenges that has had the support of hundreds of professionals.


ANIMI opens doors to new and important social actions through the creation of 4 new collections. In addition, new partnerships and suppliers enable the creation of an ecological line. Now ANIMI supports NGOs of different segments, works with recyclable products, closely observes the workmanship of its suppliers and focuses on campaigns for zero waste. A 100% social company. What will we be able to do in the future? Their participation is fundamental in this process. Get to know our collections. View Attitude!

New products are launched and the ANIMI Brechery opens in partnership with UNICEF in a campaign to promote circular fashion. New strategies are defined in order to make ANIMI a model social enterprise, aimed at the citizen, for the planet.



Another cycle ends and a new cycle begins. ANIMI moves from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, changes team and reshapes the VL Collection. A new e-commerce is launched along with a very special Blog. ANIMI intensifies participation in events and new partnerships.

Third new phase of the brand. ANIMI gains more sophisticated e-commerce, new parts and intensifies support to animal protection NGOs with the VL Collection.



In that same year, the company closes in Uberlândia and begins a solid and important phase of the brand ANIMI, now in Rio de Janeiro RJ. With new pieces, structured with their own confection and counting on the support of hundreds of artists, the VL Collection becomes a brand recognized by the public.

Packed by the success of the book "Mutual Dogs of Race," EDIOURO, and the eponymous documentary, currently on display at ANIMAL PLANET DISCOVERY CHANNEL, Tiago forms a partnership and founded ANIMI. Production of the first official pieces of the VL Collection begins, in Uberlândia MG.



The publicist Tiago Ferigoli produces a photographic essay to record the day-to-day hardness of street dogs, the mutts. Little did he know that shortly afterwards this essay would become a book, a documentary film, and a collection of exclusive clothing. This collection, in turn, will start the construction of the brand ANIMI.