Boudoir Collection Special Edition


The Boudoir Project and the ANIMI Designer have teamed up to launch an exclusive print in honor of the Pink October. When purchasing any Pink October product, you select an NGO to support.

What is Pink October?

Pink October is a worldwide campaign, held annually in October, which seeks to raise awareness among women about the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer, increasing the chances of cure and reducing mortality. The campaign is symbolized by pink lace.

Goal of the Pink October

The objective of the Pink October program is to educate women about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer, which has a high chance of cure when discovered early.
Even so, most diagnoses turn out to be late.
Although it is focused on breast cancer, many institutions take advantage of the month also to talk about other cancers that may occur in the female reproductive tract, such as ovarian or cervical cancer, for example.

Official Campaign

Campaign directed by Tiago Ferigoli, with production TFStudio