Resale + licensing VL Collection

When you sell a product with the VL label it helps to raise awareness and support the work of those who fight daily for animals.


Our ERP and Distribution team works 24 hours a day, so our customer is 100% satisfied.
ANIMI is present in the main marketplaces of Brazil and exterior, in B2W, Submarino,, Shoptime, Mercado Livre, Buscapé and Megafashion. We offer resale to physical stores with differentiated prices.

Mercado Livre
Lojas Americanas

Resale consigned

We ship the clothes on consignment (limited quantity), without shipping cost, and you have 30 days to sell the pieces. What does not sell, you give back. In this case, the social contribution to the NGOs comes in. The value must be the same as the ANIMI store.

Direct sale

We send the clothes ordered (in the quantity that you want), with well differentiated prices of the store, but without devolution. You get the pieces to sell for the price and time, whatever you want. In this case the social contribution to the NGOs is not entered.

Business Lot

Special discounts for purchases
over 500 units

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