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What is the printing method used?

Our printing method is the zero touch silk screen. 

We use the silk screen for more complex arts, which need more definition. The prints have soft and comfortable touch.

I wanted a T-shirt out of stock. How do I do?

We took some sparsely-stocked parts out of the site and were waiting for the replacement to be put on sale again. This replacement is done periodically, usually takes no more than 2 weeks after the exhaustion of any part.

The time for a reprint depends on the volume of requests for reprints that the shirt receives, for these reasons we can not measure in advance if a shirt will be re-launched and when this may occur.

Is it safe to buy online?

The ANIMI website is protected by SSL certificate which represents the maximum security in your online purchases. In addition, our SAC has more than 89% satisfied customers after complaints on the site and more than 95% of orders delivered on time. 

All our products are carefully analyzed and packaged before being shipped.

How will I know if the shirt fits me?

Check out our measurements table on the product pages! You can compare our measurements with the shirts that you already own and find out if the measurements are compatible with your body.

Do the shirts have quality?

Our T-shirts are produced with three different types of knitwear: cotton, suede and viscolycra. All of excellent quality, through a process of pelletizing (sanding the surface of the mesh after the dyeing process), providing a pleasant sensation of softness, comfort and excellent trim. All this to make our customers feel comfortable and stylish with their favorite T-shirts!

What care should I take with my shirt?

The T-shirts should dry the shade and should be passed inside out to preserve the print. Each shirt comes with a label with wash instructions and fabric composition that must be adhered to. It is preferable that they be washed by hand, but if you use a washing machine, use neutral soap and separate your T-shirts by color.

How does the discount coupon work?

Once you receive our email with the discount coupon, the recipient can visit the website and make a purchase using the discount informed on the coupon. To do this, simply place the coupon code sent by email, in the indicated field, in the shopping cart.

The coupon can only be used once.

The use of the coupon invalidates the social contribution of your purchase.

What is the delivery time for my zip code?

To be sure about the timeframe, make a purchase simulation. Add the t-shirts you want to your shopping cart and on the cart screen, enter your zip code. The website will inform you about the delivery options and will already give you the account deadline deadline (deadline + shipping deadline).


We offer our customers some types of freight: PAC, SEDEX 10 (some regions), SEDEX and International shipping.

In the options of SEDEX, the delivery time depends on the locality of destination. For the great majority of Brazilian cities, the deadline is 3 working days. Some remote locations may take up to 10 business days (including international shipping).

In the option PAC, the delivery deadline for this option for any city in Brazil is up to 15 business days. We do not make cap for international shipments.

My order has not yet been submitted. What happened?

If you've already paid, you must have already received the tracking code. Should the product give as not shipped, please contact us now, clicking here. Our team will serve you in the best way possible.

But if the product is in transit, consider that the transport is carried out by the Post Office, it will be necessary to wait a little longer. When the address is not found, or any other problem occurs during transport, the ANIMI is triggered.

Rest assured, in case of shipping problem, registered by the Post Office, your product will be resent.

My order has not come yet. What should I do?

If your order has already passed the delivery time, please contact us by [email protected].

Payment methods.

Our site offers numerous ways of payment: PagSeguro, PayPal and Itaú Bank transfer.

In the PagSeguro option you will find all forms of payment, from credit cards to bank vouchers. In the credit cards you can install your purchase up to 18 times without interest, according to the value of your purchase.

If you do not want to use PagSeguro and PayPal platforms to make your purchases, the option is Itaú bank transfer. In the case of DOC (payments coming from banks other than Itaú), it will be necessary to wait until the DOC is debited in the ANIMI account, approximately 3 business days.

And for those outside the country, we have the option of PayPal. Also, with all forms of payment and installments without interest.


Exchange policy

At ANIMI, you have 30 days to exchange your product, if it has any type of manufacturing defect.

Just do not remove the tags and tags from the purchased product. And the product can not show signs of use. OK?

If you need to change, please contact clicking here , so we can give you better guidance.

Follow the instructions carefully.

It is important to note that in the case of clothing products we do not consider a manufacturing defect if the product presents a problem after it has been washed without the washing instructions on the product being followed correctly.

The conditions for exchange and return are as follows:

In the exchanges, you will bear the cost of returning the merchandise and we will bear the cost of resending the merchandise for you. Fair, right?

If you choose to return your merchandise and receive a refund you may choose to receive the amount on purchase credits on the site without expiration or receive a refund in your checking account. In the latter case, the refund is made within 7 business days after the request and information of the data for payment.

In all exchanges or returns you must send the original invoice along with the merchandise. If you no longer have the invoice you can access it in the link "My Account" here on the site.

If you are returning a product do not remove any labels or tags


How does the VL seal work?

At ANIMI, the products sold with the exclusive VL seal, are official products of the Mutants project The real dogs of breed. When purchased by you, part of the amount paid goes to the NGO you selected at the time of purchase. The value varies from product to product. The transfer occurs once a month in a combined date with the partner NGOs.

Can the social contribution vary?

Yes. The social contribution is only valid for purchases without the use of discount coupons. Also not valid for special packages for resellers. Read more clicking here .

Can any NGO participate?

Yes of course! And do not pay anything for it.

The NGO only needs to complete the form, clicking here , and sign up.

The evaluation criterion involves, for example, the ability of the NGO to become a partner. It is necessary that the NGO support the dissemination actions, helping us to disseminate the message of protection to the animals, as well as the sale of products with the VL seal. The more we sell, the more we help the work of those who struggle daily against neglect and animal abuse.

Do all products have the same social contribution?


The social contribution varies from product to product, depending on the value of the product, the availability in stock and frequency sales. When one more specific product is sold, the greater its social contribution to NGOs officially registered with ANIMI.

The amount of social contribution among NGOs varies according to the selection of the users. NGOs with bigger selections, in the act of the purchase, will, consequently, receive greater social contribution. That is why the dissemination by NGOs is very important.

How does social contribution work for resale?

We offer three different types of resale: consignment resale, direct resale and business batch .

In direct resale, the product is purchased by the dealer, so you can sell the product at any price you want. In this option the product is acquired without social contribution.

In the consigned resale the reseller is obliged to sell the product with the social contribution.

In the business package, the buyer is responsible for purchasing the VL products with or without social action. 
For more information, click here .

Our mission is to support as many NGOs as possible. Your participation is fundamental

How does the transfer to NGOs work?

Every first day of the month, ANIMI closes and balances the sales of the previous month, and prepares the amount that will be passed on to the registered NGOs, following a percentage criterion already agreed with the partner NGO.

Every 10 days of the month, ANIMI transfers the percentage of each NGO, respectively. The amounts vary according to the amount of sales. It is therefore important that each NGO disclose the partnership with ANIMI, with its entire network of partners and supporters </ strong>. People often choose NGOs that already know the job.

Disclosure is very important.

The monthly transfer to the NGO occurs when the total amount of sales exceeds the minimum value of R $ 50.00 / month. Except for NGOs that have a current account with Banco Itaú, in this case there is no minimum transfer value.

For more information, click here .

Thrift store ANIMI

How does the thrift store ANIMI work?

You buy a piece of clothing, use it for a few months and then return it to ANIMI. You will receive a 60% coupon on the purchase of any product. Your used product goes to the thrift store ANIMI. Circular fashion in support of initiatives that guarantee the rights of children and adolescents. An action in favor of conscious consumption and zero waste.

All returned parts, to be resold in the ANIMI Brechó, undergo a special washing process and minor repairs. 

Can I send any clothing to the store?

NO. The ANIMI retailer only resells parts from the VL 2017 Collection. The campaign is valid only for ANIMI parts. It is not part of the campaign: advisories, bags and dog clothes, as well as pieces of clothing from third parties.

Parts that are damaged above 60% of the original part will not be accepted.

How long should I wear my clothes before returning?

There is no exact time, but our suggestion is that you wear your clothes for about 10 months or so before returning it to ANIMI. We ask that you take care of your piece with affection, after all, it will be reused by other people. That's circular fashion

Can I exchange a used part I bought at the store?

No. Used parts can not be changed. Exception only in case of shipping problems with the carrier.

How do I receive my 60% off coupon?

Once ANIMI receives the used part, and it has been in accordance with the rules of use, the customer will receive the coupon with a 60% discount, via e-mail, to use it in the purchase of any ANIMI product. This coupon can only be used once.

Our mission is to support conscious consumption for the sake of life.

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