Thrift Store Instructions

Learn how to send your used clothes

- Your VL clothing at least 10 months old?
- Your used clothing suitable for use by another person?

If yes, then please send your VL clothing with the entry form. As soon as we receive, we will send you your coupon by email, with a 60% discount on the purchase of any new product!

Your used VL clothing must be accompanied by this entry form.
The ANIMI store will not accept clothing without this form.

Each piece of clothing shipped is equivalent to a 60% discount coupon on the purchase of new VL products.
For example, if you send 3 VL clothes, you will receive 3 discount coupons.
But the coupon is not cumulative, that is, it can only be used once, per purchase.

- This campaign does not include the sale of dog clothes and accessories.
- Very damaged and / or customized parts will not be accepted.