Advertising campaign TFStudio Direção Tiago Ferigoli

The brand ANIMI and UNICEF join in the launch of the ANIMI brechery, in favor of initiatives that guarantee the rights of the child and the adolescent, encouraging the conscious consumption through the circular fashion. In 2018, the brand ANIMI started an unprecedented campaign, produced by TFStudio in partnership with UNICEF. Under the direction of publicist and filmmaker Tiago Ferigoli, the campaign aims to launch the ANIMI brechery with the aim of stimulating conscious consumption against waste, in favor of zero waste and of waste, to raise funds for UNICEF.


Through promotion and an exclusive brechó, the campaign encourages the reuse of used clothing and reverts 100% of the collection to UNICEF. In times of environmental sustainability, upcycling, recycling, ecofriendly, veganism, eco fashion, ethics and conscious fashion, ANIMI brand, a 100% social brand with more than 10 years of support to animal protection in Brazil through the VL Collection, in advertising campaigns with content, in the search for the strengthening of initiatives that seek to awaken new horizons through the change of attitude of the Brazilian population. BRECHÓ ANIMI At the ANIMI brechó, its used clothing supports initiatives that guarantee the rights of children and adolescents. You return your used clothing from the VL Collection, in exchange, ANIMI gives you a 60% discount on the purchase of any VL product. Your used clothing is resold in the ANIMI Brechó, so it can be reused. The sale of the products is 100% reverted to UNICEF.


UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) is the world's premier organization dedicated specifically to children. Generally speaking, it works with national governments and local organizations on long-term development programs in the health, education, nutrition, water and sanitation sectors and also in emergency situations to defend children victims of war and other disasters. He currently works in more than 190 countries around the world.


Socially responsible fashion is directly related to the quality of life. It may seem a contradiction that fashion, a mechanism of simulation and imposition of aesthetic standards (known as fads), presents, through its designers, an ethical stance, or a social concern, in the sense of improving the quality of life of its users , or even employees. Fashion with social responsibility is much more than an imposition of standards, is a way to tune ideas and sensations, able to offer a diagnosis of the world we live in.

Images: Tiago Ferigoli TFStudio

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