VL Collection

This is ANIMI's oldest and most traditional collection. Responsible for boosting the brand, this collection officially stamped the images of the Vira-cans project. A pioneering action in favor of animal protection NGOs in Brazil.

Revenda - Coleção VL ANIMI


Due to the social importance that ANIMI adds to all its products, thousands of personalities literally wear the shirt, and fully support the actions of the patented products with the VL Seal. A real and very important support, with respect to animals, for the awareness of the population. The VL Collection counts on the affection and charisma of names such as: the actresses and actors Thiago Gagliasso, Sylvia Massari, Silvio Matos, Luigi Montez, Juliana Didone, Gabi Lopes, Carol Portaluppe, Bia Arantes, Babi Xavier, Jessica Lobo, Caco Ciocler, Brenno Leone, the Youtubers Brenda Monique, Natalia Cardoso, Maju Trindade, Flavia Calina, Thays Vita, Olympic athletes Thiago Fratus, Ramon Motta, Nayara Figueira, Top Models Naysa Micherif, Evelyn Morales, Carol Abbott, Miss Brazil Melissa Gurgel, businesswoman Cozete Gomes and much, much more.